AEDs and First Aid Kits

Many people ask, “Can you check our AED to make sure it still works?” We can think of few tragedies worse than someone scrambling to grab an AED, pushing the power button, and then nothing happens. Having a great deal of experience with these devices, we know that there are several reasons why this can happen, and we are proud to offer the following options to solve this problem. 

We will travel to your location (within 20 miles of Winston-Salem), and inspect your system by checking:

  • Completeness (based on the manufacturer’s requirements)
  • Pad Integrity (adult and pediatric if applicable)
  • Batteries (charge and projected storage life)
  • Mounting (security, visibility, and integrity)
  • Alarm Function-Auto-Dialer (if installed)

AED Maintenance Program

To keep your AEDs ready for action, we offer two different maintenance plans:

  • One-Time Inspection: $25 
  • Annual Inspection Contract (quarterly): $95

AED Purchase and Installation

We carry several models of high-quality AED systems. The model, installation type, and location are all dependent on the number of individuals in your organization and the distance between the AED and the farthest person. Please call us for a complete evaluation and quote. 

First Aid Kits

We carry both personal and industrial kits. Again, the size, portability, and complexity depends on the number of people that it is designed to serve. Please call for a quote.