Our Lead Instructor

Rarely do we encounter a person with as high a level of dedication to the welfare of others as we have with Sonia. When she asked us to help her convey her message of how outdoor therapy can change lives, we knew the universe had created yet another relationship based on synergy and the power of common belief. A native of Vancouver, Canada, Sonia brings a multi-cultural perspective to how we all can celebrate nature’s bounty by leaving our comfortable indoor spaces and engaging with the more amazing outdoor spaces. Whether it is by leading yoga classes or by helping our neighbors in the eastern part of our state rebuild their lives, Sonia’s example helps us all celebrate the value of personal commitment and how the “power of together” will always triumph over the weakness of selfishness. 

As our newest Emergency Medical Care Instructor, Sonia brings a special appreciation for how nature can heal, and how the time we spend outside adds far more to our lives than being indoors can ever provide. This is a woman whose energy and commitment to education allows her to share her passion for outdoor adventure with a broad range of people. Sonia is a passionate leader of local Girl Scout groups and believes in imbuing young people with the type of confidence that can only be gained by encountering nature in its purest forms: hiking, kayaking, and camping. She freely shares her experiences and vast knowledge of nature with everyone, and her level of commitment to personal empowerment sets her apart from the wider community.


Having experienced a desire to expand her ability to care for others, Sonia completed the grueling journey to become a certified American Red Cross First Aid, CPR, and AED Instructor. As she joins our Emergency Medical Care team, she has committed herself to leading small groups and classes as they gain the special confidence that only learning how to save someone’s life can bring. Sonia knows that life is filled with opportunities to learn from the abundance that our planet provides, but also knows that interactions with nature can present unique challenges. Like all of the members of our Real World EMS team, safety is her watchword. She shares our passion for helping to ensure that irrespective of what activities inspire us, we must always act safely and deliberately.


We are confident that Sonia will share her passion for safe, nature interactions with every student that she encounters and, as her next step will be to achieve the prestigious Wilderness and Remote First Aid Instructor, we are confident that she will lead others to experience the confidence that intense outdoor adventures can produce.


Welcome Sonia!