Our Training Coordinator

Debra is truly the “jackie-of-all-trades” and she brings a wealth of organizational, financial, and communication skills to our organization. Originally from Oregon, Debra has spent well over 20 years in the banking industry and feels as comfortable in a board room as she does in a classroom. Her ability to make people feel as though they have known her for years is a talent that cannot be minimized. Whether she is solving a scheduling conflict, or promoting a new service, her kindness, competence, and mission focus is clearly evident.

She is truly the backbone of our business and works tirelessly to ensure that every customer, student, and Red Cross representative receives the maximum time, attention, and focus, allowing each of them to feel valued and respected. An expert in conflict resolution, Debra calmly listens to every word that someone says before finding the perfect solution to their needs.

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